Staying hydrated is one of the most basic, and vital, keys to a healthy life. Doing so improves nearly all of the body’s systems, helping the function of the heart, brain, muscles, and more, while simultaneously working to eliminate toxins and other harmful elements. In a world overflowing with wellness solutions, the only simple, easy, and effective way to stay in peak condition is by drinking 30 to 50 ounces of water consistently throughout the day. For over many years, Heart Water. has been your source for clean, great-tasting water and ice bukis! Providing bottled water service for clients in bukis and the surrounding areas. Whether you need bottled water for your corporate event or for upcoming birthday party, we’re the professionals to trust! Bottled Water Service Assisting the bukis Areas Husband and wife team Michael and Ylianna Dadashi are the brain behind Heartwaters, where they have been collecting and drinking rainwater in bukis for many years. They discovered that for every inch of rain, 550 gallons of water can be captured for every 1,000 square feet of collection surface. Currently, they are selling many cases of Heartwater Rainwater every day in and around the bukis area. Heartwater offer fresh, purified rainwater in a fancy aluminum bottle for your convenience! You can easily provide your family, guests, or employees with refreshing water by having it delivered right to you. Since they began delivering purified water to clients in bukis over many years ago, Heart Water. has expanded their service area to the entire bukis area! They are committed to providing their customers with clean, enjoyable water while simultaneously giving them the best possible service. Heartwater bottled water bukis delivery services are affordable, efficient, and convenient for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. The Water Factory Co. is proud to serve all your water and ice needs no matter the size of your order.

PURITY Heartwater is collected before touching ground, it stays free of elements that might alter its taste, which makes it a water of extreme purity.
SMOOTHNESS The totally dissolved solids, define the smoothness or heaviness of water. They measure the amount of dissolved minerals it contains, usually incorporated after touching the ground. Heartwater is labelled as extra-low, thus having a fresh, clean and delicious taste. NEUTRAL Heart Water is one of the naturally purest and most sustainable sources of water on the planet, made with heart down to the last drop. Directly from the clouds, Heartwater is labelled as neutral-basic, in other words: it is neither bitter nor sweet. YOUTH Heartwater’s age is very short. The time span from genesis to bottling ranges from days to a week, at the most, as opposed to “ancient” waters with ages up to hundreds of years. VIRGINITY The virginity shows how protected the water is at the place where it is obtained. At the same time, it refers to the levels of nitrate it contains. Nitrate is easily transported by water in the ground. It is liable to infiltrate due to heavy rainfall or watering in agricultural areas and, as a consequence, pollute the groundwater from where it is extracted. Therefore, Heartwater is nitrate free and of a superior level of virginity because it is captured before touching the ground, avoiding contact with nitrates. DOUBLE OXYGEN CONTENTS Heart Water contains 11.5 mg/l of dissolved oxygen, twice the average, since as rain water it is directly in contact with more oxygen molecules, compared to “motionless” sources. SODIUM FREE It qualifies as sodium free with its content of 1.05 mg/l.

Transparent, fresh and brilliant water. Very clean nose, aroma almost imperceptible. On the palate: light, fresh and friendly. Moves very softly, leaving a very nice, final sweetness. It is a type of water with low persistence in the mouth. Heartwater is proud to provide bottled water delivery throughout the Naija area, including and many more of the surrounding communities

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